Neuroscience Study Group
The Mind and Consciousness

The polls have closed and the votes tallied. The vote was to meet on the third Tuesday of each month. The next meeting of the Neuroscience Study Group is scheduled for January 16, 2018 at my apartment #1909 at 2 pm. Our reading assignments are as follows:

1. Michio Kaku, Chapter 5, “Memories and Thoughts Made To Order.”  Very provocative thoughts and some alarming ideas.

2. Peter Godfrey-Smith, Chapter 4, “From White Noise to Consciousness.”  He explores sensation and experience and spends the last part of the chapter on octopuses.

3. Sy Montgomery, Chapter 3, Kali, where we meet with an octopus with a different personality.  Did you ever imagine attributing a ‘personality’ to an octopus?