PRESENTATIONS are on the third Saturday of the month and OPEN TO THE PUBLIC

Chancellor's Office 111A, UCSD 1:30 - 3:30PM


April, 20, 2013
Susan Cahill, Professor of History and East Asian Studies at UCSD

March 16, 2013 
Martin Cooper, Developer of the first hand-held cell phone 

February 16, 2013
Eric Van Young, PhD, Department of History, UCSD 

January 19, 2013
Shirley Fishman, Resident Dramaturg at La Jolla Playhouse

November 2012
Ione R. Stiegler, FAIA (Fellow of the American Institute of Architects) IS Architecture 

October 2012
Christopher Wills - Professor Emeritus of Biological Sciences and Member of the Center for Molecular Genetics, University of California, San Diego.

September 2012 
Dean Nelson, founder and director of both the Journalism Program and the Writers’ Symposium at Point Loma Nazarene University
Meenakshi Chakraverti, director of Public Conversations West, a branch of the nonprofit Public Conversations Project.
Alan Houston, Provost of UCSD’s Eleanor Roosevelt College

2011 - 2012 Speakers:

John Iverson — The Power of Music in Neuroscience and Medicine

Judy Swink — Clare Crane’s Book: Citizens Coordinate and the Battle for City Planning in San Diego

Catherine C. Robbins — Writing About American Indians: Fear and Stamina

Ralph F. Keeling — Rising CO2: A Never-ending Story

Wayne Fanebust — Dakota Speculators in the Great Minnesota Outback

Stanley Chodorow — The Electronic Environment for Research and Publishing

Michael Arbib — How the Brain Got Language

2010–2011 Soeakers: 

Diana Keeran Withee — Mystery of a Nazi Tapestry

Donna Boyle — Atlantic Divide: American and European Attitudes Toward Public Policy

Daniel Steinberg — Preventing Heart Attacks by Lowering Blood Cholesterol

Jack Cumming — Options on Aging: Congregate Living or Aging in Place

Susan Shirk — Can China’s Political System Sustain Its Peaceful Rise?

Sanford A. Lakoff — Realism versus Moralism in Foriegn Policy

2009–2010 Speakers: 

Jim Walker (UCSD) — Generational Shifts: Aging, Work, and Retirement

Sanford A. Lakoff — America as a State of Mind

Doc Noel — Batter Up

David Klein — The American Foreign Service and American Foreign Policy

Honorable Victor E. Ramirez — The California Judiciary: A Search for Justice in a Democratic Society

Scott Barton — Preparing Students for College at The Preuss School UCSD

Delina Halushka — The culture of the Quechua Indians of Bolivia

2008–2009 Speakers: 

Alice Goldfarb Marquis (SDIS) — Doing History

Gary Jacobson (UCSD) — Election? What Election? Shaping an Election

Arthur Wagner (UCSD) — Front Row Seat — The Developent of UCSD's Theatre Department and the Re-emergence of the La Jolla Playhouse

Joyce Strauss — Everyone has a Camera — So Why is Photography a Fine Art?

Ron Stadsklev — Teaching in the New China: Building a Western Village in China

Cathy Blecki — "Theater of Man's Life" — Sir Francis Bacon and the Advancement of Learning

Al Christman — Last Barnstormer: Flying through the Great Depressions

2007–2008 Speakers:

Samuel L. Popkin (UCSD)—The 2008 Presidential Election

Thomas Samaras (SDIS)—The Role of Height in Human Chronic Disease and Longevity

Clare and Loch Crane (SDIS)—Classical Architecture and Gardens of Japan

Betty De Shong Meador, PhD.—The Sumerian High Priestess Enheduanna: First Author of Record 

Richard Robbins—Was Vladimir Dzhunkovsky the Father of "The Trust"...and Who Cares?

Lou Curtiss—A Sound Library


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