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Summer News for SDIS


Members and Guests will once again get together for a Summer gathering in late July. The exact date will be forthcoming, and the entire membership will receive an email announcement of the date/location/time.   


Our General Meetings cease during the summer months, and we will reconvene in September.  Please mark your calendars for our 2014-2015 schedule.  All meetings are from 1:30 - 3:30pm, the third Saturday of the month, on the UCSD Campus, Chancellors Complex #111A.  Meetings are open to the public.  


September 20

October 18

November 15

January 17

February 21

March 21

April 18

May 16 (Annual Meeting) 




Notes from the year-end SDIS business meeting on May 17, 2014:


  • Out-going President Sam Gusman opened the meeting with his initial vision statement, which the organization now reflects: more experimentation, new study and other discussion / research groups, and an upgraded website.
  • Treasurer Edwina Shell-Johnson showed that our funds are adequate and well managed; Gerry Horwitz discussed the year’s meeting programs and told the history of the Helen Hawkins Memorial Research Fund.  
  • Out-going Administrative Vice President Sue Rosner introduced the two winners of the 2013 Helen Hawkins Research Grants: Diana Withee and Michael Seidel, who presented brief discussions of their work. Stay tuned for further development.
    • Diana Withee learned to love art at her grandmother’s knee.  As an exchange student in Zurich, Switzerland, she learned to love art first hand, not just from books.  While doing research for her dissertation, Diana noticed a connection between a Bosch painting and a Dutch family.  She discovered other connections apparently unnoticed for nearly 500 years.
    • Michael Seidel is sorting through original documents of his family, tracing his ancestry back to the eighteenth century Germany. Events in his family reflect the cultural and economic conditions, including the shift of wealth and status from State-employed professionals to the growing merchant middle class. 
  • Dutch Schantz announced the election results.  Here is your board for the 2014-2015 year.  Asterisks indicate newly elected; the remaining members are filling out their terms of office.
    • President *    Sue R. Rosner
    • Executive Vice President    Steve Tamor
    • Administrative Vice Pres. *  Tom Samaras
    • Treasurer             Edwina Shell-Johnson
    • Program Chair  *     Alvin Halpern
    • Membership Chair *     David Parker
    • Notebook Editor *     Donna Boyle
    • Director-at-Large *     Barbara George
    • Director-at-Large    Judy Ramirez
    • Next year’s Nominating Committee * 

Donna Boyle

Barbara George

Betty Hiller

David Parker

Michael Seidel


We all look forward to a relaxing summer and a vibrant, productive year.





Colloquy Cafe 


Our topic for May, values, elicited a variety of comments.  Values reflect people's sense of right and wrong and are reflected in our behavior.  Of course, values can differ enormously from one group to another, with a criminal leader finding "mercy" a punishable flaw while others include it in political recommendations.  We portray our values in documents such as policies created by communities, e.g., homeowners' associations or our Declaration of Independence.  While identifying our own values, one member of our discussion group proclaimed that she valued "the ability to value" most of all, i.e., the freedom to personally decide what's right or wrong, good or bad.  At our next meeting on June 18 we'll be talking about success.  Anyone who would like to attend should contact M. E. Stratthaus at  

Culture One

The next meeting of Culture One will be on Wednesday, June 25, 2:00 - 4:00 PM.  This meeting will focus on "Cultural Evolution" by examing the highlights of two chapters in the "Handbook of Cultural Psychology."  Each chapter deals with a different aspect of cultural evolution.

Chapter 18: "Cultural Evolution and the Shaping of Cultural Diversity," pp. 454-476, highlights the way in which cultures evolve and become diverse.  It uses biological evvolution as a model for cultural evolution.  Chapter 4: "Evolutionary Foundations of Cultural Psychology," pp. 77-105, provides a fascinating summary of some of our ancestral societies (i.e: huter-gatherers), the "elements" (basic components) of Culture, and "Cross-cultural Universals of Human Behavior, Mind and Culture."  The emphasis here is to identify the key points, i.e: the gems in these chapters, or as one member puts it, "cherry-picking" for important material.  For information on Culture One, contact Sue R. Rosner,

Film Group

The Film Group will meet Wednesday, June 4, at 10:00 a.m. at the home of Barbara Heckler to view 2012 historical drama, A Royal Affair, directed by Nikolaj Arcel.  The film is a co-production of Denmark, Sweden and the Czech Republic.  Nominated for Best Foreign Language Film at the 85thAcademy Awards, the story in 18th century Denmark focuses on the relationship between the mentally ill King Christian VII’s wife and the royal family physician. Contact Barbara Heckler at for information about attending. 



Literature Group


The Literary Group's next meeting will be Monday, June 16th, at Gerry Horwitz's home at 10:30 a.m.  We are reading Barbara Kingsolver, Flight Behavior (2012). ("A young mother witnesses a colorful alteration in the flight of butterflies.  When everyone else in town wants to market the phenomenon, she tries to understand it.")  Donna Boyle will be leading the discussion.  Please RSVP to Gerry Horwitz,


Science Group 


The next meeting of the Neuroscience Study Group is scheduled for Monday, June 9, 2014 at Bea Rose's apartment at 3:00 pm.  The reading assignment is to finish David Eagleman's book, "Incognito", actually Chapter 6, and review the book in its entirety. Please bring your suggestions about our next reading adventure and ideas about what path we would like to follow in our future studies.  Visitors and newcomers are welcome, but it would be advisable to contact Bea Rose to ensure availability of space at (858) 458-9263 or at



Breakfast Roundtable


We’ll meet at Coco’s on Monday, July 21 from 9:30 a.m. to 11 a.m. for breakfast and roundtable discussion.  Coco’s is located in University City at the intersection of Genesee and Nobel Drive in the Costa Verde shopping center.  It’s across the street from University Town Center.  To make a reservation, contact Barbara Heckler at by Saturday, July 19.  Don’t hesitate to call at the last minute – we’ll make space!



Supper With Scholars 

There will be no Supper with Scholars meeting in June, but suppers will be held at the usual time - usual place.  No change from earlier announcements that we will dine together on the first Thursday of July and the first Thursday of August.  Dave Parker's RSVP email is




William Murray “Bill” Hawkins, 1927 - 2014


SDIS lost one of its earliest and most generous members and supporters with the death of William M. “Bill” Hawkins on May 14.   His generosity funded the Helen Hawkins Memorial Scholarship which is awarded by this organization each year to members engaged in what is deemed important scholarly research.  And in at least one instance his donation was instrumental in keeping the organization alive.


Bill was a native San Diegan, born in 1927.  He lived most of his life in La Jolla, attending La Jolla Elementary School and La Jolla High School, and he became involved at an early age with many of the cultural and recreational institutions of this area, especially the San Diego Zoo, which has now enjoyed the support of four generations of the Hawkins family.  After a stint in the U.S. Navy near the end of World War II, Bill graduated from Dartmouth College with a major in Physics.  He was married to the late Helen Hawkins in 1951, and after starting out with their young family in Sierra Madre and Tustin they moved back to La Jolla, where Helen had also lived with her family.


Once back in the San Diego area Bill became even more involved in the cultural and recreational life of the community.  Helen soon started work on her Ph.D. in American history at UCSD, at the same time overseeing their three lively youngsters.  While working with various electronic companies in the area, including Spectral Dynamics, Bill pursued his interests in the arts by joining the Athenaeum in La Jolla, eventually becoming a board member.  But one of his major achievements in these early years back in San Diego was in supporting women’s rights.  Helen had become a co-founder of the NOW chapter in San Diego, and Bill very quickly became a member and a strong supporter.


The years that followed were difficult, for Helen was diagnosed with a very rare type of cancer in 1983, and despite both of their busy careers they fought it together, until Helen finally succumbed in 1989.  Bill remained devoted to her memory, and the house they had shared on Fairway Road became a kind of shrine to her accomplishments.  In 1996 Bill found a wonderful new companion in Florence Campbell, a fellow San Diegan who shared many of his interests and remained devoted to him until the end of his life.


In addition to his wife, Florence, Bill leaves two sons, Gus and Trip, and a daughter, Angela, as well as five grandchildren, a step-daughter, and many extended family members.

Any gifts to SDIS in memory of Bill would be greatly appreciated by both the family and the organization.   Patricia R. Fouquet