How to Get to Our Usual Monthly Meeting Room

Getting to the SDIS Monthly Meeting


During the academic year, the SDIS third-Saturday monthly meeting is usually held on the UCSD campus in Room 111A of the Chancellor's Complex.  The two maps below are a Parking Map and a Walk-to-Meeting-Room Map.  As shown in the latter map, handicap parking is available close to the meeting room.


Parking.  There are two ways to drive to the Gilman Parking Structure on the UCSD campus.
   (a) Enter campus on Gilman Drive.  Continue on Gilman as it curves, drive past Myers Drive and turn left at the next street, Russell Lane.  The west entrance to the Gilman Parking Structure is immediately on the right.
   (b) From either Nobel Drive or La Jolla Village Drive, turn north on Villa La Jolla Drive.  When you come to a T-intersection, the south entrance to the Gilman Parking structure will be approximately straight ahead.

Be sure to park on a floor marked for visitors.  Parking is free on Saturdays.

Walking.  Now you need to walk to the meeting room.  Walk out of the parking structure at the western entrance/exit and turn right.  You are now on Russell Lane headed north.  Walk a short distance and take the first left onto Rupertus Lane.  This dead-ends a block away at Myers Drive.   Turn right onto Myers Dr and walk to the end.  Then turn left onto Lyman Lane, which is where Price Center is.  Chancellor's Complex is immediately on the left on Lyman Lane, and directly across from the book store. It's about a 5 minute walk from the parking garage.  There is a parking lot behind Chancellor's Complex (off Myers Drive) that you can use if you have a handicap placard.

Parking Map

Where to Park


Walk-to-Meeting-Room Map 

Walking Directions

(Map permissions from UCSD)