From the President

On Saturday, October 18, SDIS presented an unusual monthly program. Rather than engaging a guest speaker from some distinguished institution, organization, specialty area, or research project, the program was designed to provide a glimpse into our internal organization. Yes, we are “Independent Scholars.” But, we are also “Groups of Independent Scholars” that function as independent study groups, usually in our homes on a monthly basis to discuss topics of shared interest in a congenial way. 

SDIS members are generally familiar with ongoing study groups as well as recently established discussion groups and research projects. Information about meeting schedules, topics, assignments, and a contact person for each group appears regularly in our Scholars Notebook and SDIS website Still, SDIS members, particularly new members, might like to be better informed. 

Fortunately, our SDIS program chair, Alvin Halpern, organized the October 18th meeting in order to provide background information about how these groups function, how to join or attend their meetings, and how other topics, study groups, or research projects may be developed and pursued. A panel of study group leaders discussed the origin, goals, and structure of the groups, and asked SDIS members for their personal ideas about relevant areas of research and study. The panel presentation consisted of a representative of each group speaking for four... more

Topics of Interest


Breakfast Roundtable
Monday, November 17th, from 9:30 - 11 a.m. 

Supper with Scholars
Thursday, December 4th, at 6 p.m. 

Further information on these gatherings: 

The "Breakfast Roundtable" gathers at Coco's monthly, on Mondays from 9:30 a.m. to 11 a.m. for breakfast and roundtable discussion.  Coco's is located in University City at the intersection of Genesee and Nobel Drive in the Costa Verde shopping center, across the street from University Town Center.  To make a reservation, contact Barbara Heckler at ... continue